Artisan Perfume Oils

Black Cat Creatives: Grand Rapids, MI

Decadent fragrance and bath products that were born in the wild forests of West Michigan, where every creation is lovingly made from scratch in my studio. I only use the finest premium grade oils available.

Inspired by art, music, folklore and nature.

The Best Pumpkin Lavender Perfume in the World!

See what our customers have to say:

"If you're searching for the PERFECT Pumpkin Lavender fragrance, then look no further than this seller. This fragrance embodies a perfect harmony between hypnotic deliciousness and a feeling of comfort. I've never received more compliments about a perfume I've worn until I've started wearing this fragrance. Total strangers will want to know what you're wearing -- I can guarantee it!"

"I love the perfume, smells beautiful."

"I was a little hesitant about this smell, but it is amazing! I absolutely love the blend, it is really well balanced! Thank you!"


"Husband gave the sniff of approval. I love it too!"

"So many of the things I want to say about this scent sound like opposites: it smells like homey and familiar pumpkin, but also like something special and new; it's cozy and soothing, but it's also extremely *interesting.* This is a cuddly scent, perfect way to perk up a dreary Fall day spent indoors in a baggy sweater."

"Love it!"


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